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Coffee First


Hightlight :

Cafe Amazon at SOVA

Open & Close:     

6:30 AM - 17:00 PM

Delivery via: 



To those who need coffee to start their day,

SOVA offers you a very exclusive coffee shop

right at the lobby area!


Our coffee is well known around the Asia Pacific, providing you with a collection of Arabica Blend and Robusta House Blend beans which both will help curve your morning grumpiness to a rainbow degree.  

There are also endless selection of biscuits and local baked goods for those with a sweet tooth to pair up with your drink. 

Whilst having a cup of coffee just right at your doorstep, we as well have a self made box of drip coffee and cold brew to grab to coffee up your whole experience of dropping and brewing for everyone who loves to drip their own coffee too. :) 


A nice little coffee shop area downstairs could turn into your work space whilst staying at SOVA, though during a rush hour may be quite busy but surely that might be a little big city felt to enjoy for you whilst being in Bangkok apart from rooftop bars, temples, and weekend markets. 


We, SOVA, assure you that you feel welcomed and appreciated here your whole stay.


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